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U.S. Supreme Court Experience

PictureOn November 2, 1993, Mr. Porter argued and won a landmark
case before the United States Supreme Court.
A national media courtroom artist captured this moment as cameras are not allowed in the courtroom.

Less than 2% of cases submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court
are accepted each year for consideration
These cases have been argued and appealed through the local and state
court systems to no avail and are finally submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in
the form of a highly complicated and heavily restricted written Brief format
followed by oral argument before the Court.

The case submitted by Mr. Porter became a landmark case.A
landmark case is one that establishes new precedents that establish a
significant new legal  principal or
concept, or otherwise substantially change the interpretation of existing law
for the entire United States.

Click on the link below to hear Mr. Porter’s argumentbefore
the Court as well as the verbal responses
of the Justices. The recording quality does not accurately reflect Mr. Porter’s voice, but  the discourse
between Mr. Porter and the various Justices is fascinating. Additionally, you
can read the Brief submitted and written by Mr. Porter as well as  the Final Order of the Justices which set new
U.S.  law for fairness in the jury
selection process.

       J.E.B. v. ALABAMA EX REL T.B.

Watch this site for future additional information regarding
the preparatory events that led up to the argument and the personal experience
of argument before the highest Court in the land.

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